BBC Hunter

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Description: Rough men like Hugh Hunter know what kind of cock they want and that's why he called Saul Leinad! Foreplay began with them making out and having a taste of each other's cocks. Hugh loved the feel of it so he initiated a 69 and Saul followed. All of this was to prepare Hugh for balls deep interracial penetration. And he finally got it when he bent over! The doggystyle made him lose his mind and Saul enjoyed every moment. Things turned more and more hardcore as they became entranced with bareback. Hugh broke it up by changing positions so that Saul's cock could in go even deeper. This paid off and Hugh started moaning hard again! The girth of Saul's BBC made short work of Hugh so he came and couldn't do any more. Saul took this chance to wank himself off and shoot a load all over his belly!

Saul Leinad

Age: 48
Cock Size: N/A
Height: 185 cm / 6 ft 1 in
Hair: Bald
Weight: 73 kg / 160 lbs
Eyes: Brown
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Hugh Hunter

Age: 46
Cock Size: N/A
Height: 180 cm / 5 ft 11 in
Hair: Brown
Weight: 109 kg / 240 lbs
Eyes: Brown
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